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Ole Gunnar Solskjaer suggests Liverpool are better than Manchester United

by Red Billy

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s comments abut Liverpool in today’s press conference suggest he believes that the Anfield team are better than his own, Manchester United.

The teams are set to clash on Sunday in the Premier League and Solskjaer was asked, rather controversially, ‘how many levels do you need to go up defensively to match Liverpool, and offensively, will that be enough?’

The Norwegian replied:

‘It’s going to take everything to beat the best teams in Europe and the world and Liverpool are one of them at the moment.

‘They’re one of the teams we’re chasing and we’re trying to chase. What they’ve done in the last four years is something that we’re striving towards, and [we want to] go past them.

‘We ended ahead of them last season, they had a large spell of injuries, so now they’re back to their best.’

It seems questionable whether, two days before such a big game, Solskjaer is right to concede that United’s opponents are better than they are.

It is clearly an underdog mentality when, as Paul Pogba said in an interview after last week’s defeat at the hands of Leicester, ‘We need to be more mature, play with more experience and arrogance in a good way.’

Solskjaer’s words are hardly arrogant. You could argue they are the opposite.

He even implies that United finished five points ahead of Liverpool last season, with a superior goal difference, because Liverpool had injuries.

The fact is that United’s squad is more expensive and, on paper, man-for-man, as good if not better than that of their Merseyside rivals.

Anything other than victory at Old Trafford on Sunday should and will be seen as a major blow by most Manchester United fans but it is almost as if the manager is trying to manage expectations and frame his side as wannabees rather than genuine title contenders.

This sort of underdog mindset may explain why it seems to be only when Solskjaer’s United look dead and buried that they produce their best work, as on Wednesday when they went 2-0 down to Atalanta.

But it is not the right mindset to win the league or a trophy, things that the Red Devils have failed to do since the 48-year-old took over as manager.

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