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Peter Schmeichel: I hope Ole Gunnar Solskjaer stays at Manchester United

by Marwan Harraz

Former Manchester United star Peter Schmeichel has opened up on his former teammate Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, discussing what is and isn’t going well for the manager.

The legendary Norwegian is under major pressure following what has been a poor start to the season so far.

According to The Times, Schmeichel said: “It’s [unbalanced wage bill] one of Ole’s problems. He is still cleaning up. Players who shouldn’t be there on long contracts and high wages.

“Sometimes you wonder who is doing what with Ole and the coaches. Who is the real boss? Who decides? When he is interviewed pre-match, he says: ‘We put this team out, we decided.’ I think: ‘You are the boss.’

“The problem Ole has is that in this world of quick fixes and fast news he has to win yesterday. It has to be delivered now. But it’s not the real world. We stopped that development for a period and our competitors closed the gap then ran away.

“We have to catch them but I believe — in the way we have done in the biggest periods with Sir Matt [Busby] and with Sir Alex — that if you build and take time then you get it right for a very long time. That’s what I meant with that line about heart and soul.

“Liverpool, how long did it take them to get it right? Only when they found a manager who understood the club. Ole is there now and I hope he stays. But if there is a change in the next couple of years, I hope the club really does the due diligence.”

Schmeichel has a point in terms of doing things the right way and it’s why so many fans still protect Solskjaer to this day.

No one denies the job the former striker has done in terms of turning things around, improving things behind the scenes, and building something rather sustainable.

In fact, many praise Solskjaer for doing better than some managers who have a higher profile than him such as Jose Mourinho and Louis van Gaal.

The issue some have with the former Molde man is that they feel he is not the man who can make the difference from second place to first place.

The difference between being a good side and champions is bigger than some feel Solskjaer is capable of in terms of closing that gap.

United fans won’t settle for just being a good side and after a good summer transfer window, many want a title challenge, even if the players don’t win the league just yet.

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