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Manchester United stars said to have major doubts about Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

by Scott Eckersley

In the aftermath of Manchester United’s harrowing loss to bitter rivals Liverpool, stories of player unrest and waning faith in Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s methods have begun to emerge.

According to ESPN, the Norwegian has already lost a significant section of the dressing room, with only a small group of players now supporting him.

It’s even said that former Chelsea, Juventus and Inter Milan coach Antonio Conte could be waiting in the wings for developments from Old Trafford.

The article claims that support for Solskjaer is now limited to the core British contingent and “a small number of the team’s overseas players”.

While we’re still thought to be some way from the toxicity that hung over Jose Mourinho’s last days, yesterday’s defeat “…has cast an air of resignation…about Solskjaer’s future,” the report states.

The publication has been told that defensive problems and favouritism are the single biggest causes of unrest among the playing staff.

Worryingly, the 48-years-old’s refusal to give minutes to the likes of Jesse Lingard, Nemanja Matic and Donny van de Beek is said to have prompted criticism among players on international duty.

Senior players are also though to have “become exasperated by Solskjaer’s failure to impose his authority on United’s misfiring forwards.”

Key to this opinion is the belief that coaches could do more to foster the on-pitch relationship between Cristiano Ronaldo and Mason Greenwood.

Ronaldo is said to be irritated that the youngster regularly prefers to shoot rather than supply him with goalscoring opportunities.

It’s said that, while Solskjaer is liked, there’s a general feeling that he lacks the credentials to compete with the likes of Pep Guardiola, Jurgen Klopp and Thomas Tuchel.

Senior players are said to want more tactical direction from their manager, “but that he has been found wanting in that area.”

The Matic and Greenwood rumours seems odd as both played at Leicester last week, with the former poor and the latter showing exactly why he chooses to shoot by bagging a worldie.

It’s grim reading for any remaining Ole-inners and could be interpreted as the early stages of a manager being gently nudged under a bus.

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