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Fabrizio Romano: Ole Gunnar Solskjaer stays at Manchester United for now

by Marwan Harraz

Respected journalist Fabrizio Romano has confirmed Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has been granted a little more time to turn things around by the Manchester United board.

Many fans believed the legendary Norwegian was a dead man walking following the heavy loss to Liverpool but it seems he’s managed to cling onto his job.

Sir Alex Ferguson supporting Solskjaer doesn’t necessarily come as a surprise but it will be interesting to see if that faith is rewarded.

The former striker needs to make massive changes if he hopes to keep his job as continuing with business as usual won’t work.

Hoping for change is not the same as preparing or forcing it and that is essentially where Solskjaer is, particularly as he faces difficult teams in Atalanta, Tottenham Hotspur, and Manchester City.

All three sides have the potential to cut through United in the same way Liverpool did and so it’s not enough to raise morale.

Solskjaer has to resolve the defensive issues, regardless of the causes and will have to figure out how to get more out of one of the most exciting attacks in Europe.

In truth, his team can improve in almost all aspects of the game which is a shocking concern in and of itself.

Whether he and his staff have it in them to turn things around remains to be seen but what’s clear is what has been done in the past can’t continue.

It’s likely a result against Tottenham won’t be enough to save Solskjaer as fans need to see an improvement in performance too and not just a lucky or sneaky 1-0 win.

The former Molde man has bounced back from difficult situations in the past but this is the mother of all difficulties and supporters are naturally pessimistic.

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