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Ole Gunnar Solskjaer expected to be sacked today by Manchester United

by Sam Peoples

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is expected to be sacked today by Manchester United after all the developments around his future on a turbulent Monday.

Following the 5-0 defeat to Liverpool, Solskjaer’s future was pulled into question but we all questioned whether Man United as a club would act.

Instead, Richard Arnold, United’s managing director, cancelled all appointments to hold a meeting with Joel Glazer. Following on from that, the Manchester Evening News reported United were considering sacking Solskjaer.

Further reports from The Telegraph and BBC re-affirmed Solskjaer was fighting for his job amid further reports that Ole had lost trust inside the dressing room. It was all unravelling.

And today is significant. Following defeats on Sunday to Everton and Liverpool respectively, both David Moyes and Jose Mourinho were sacked by United.

Everything we have seen over the last 36 hours suggests the same thing will happen with Solskjaer and that is why we expect the same to happen today if history will indeed repeat itself.

There is of course a chance that things take longer because it is Solskjaer and the credit he has indeed built up but the facts can’t be ignored anymore that, as great a job as he has done in certain aspects over the last three years, he isn’t the manager capable of getting United back to the top on the pitch and we can all admit that now.

The longer United leave it going for without sacking Solskjaer at this stage, the messier it will become and there is something I have to mention here.

Watching some United fans celebrate the last 24 hours has been pretty horrible. I won’t for a second celebrate what I am seeing happen with Solskjaer, even if I do feel it is the correct decision by the club, and for the life of me I will never understand those who are taking any sort of enjoyment out of watching what is happening with Ole.

We will bring you all the latest updates as and when they happen but as I’ve explained here, if United are to follow in the footsteps of sacking Solskjaer like they did with Moyes and Mourinho, then it seems today will be the day.

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