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Manchester United in chaos over sacking of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer situation

by Sam Peoples

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer seemed certain to be sacked by Manchester United on Monday following widespread reports his job was under threat from every reliable source.

Unexpectedly, everything changed on Tuesday morning following confirmation Solskjaer would be staying as Man United manager and the whole situation just sums up the chaos that lies behind closed doors at one of the biggest football clubs in the world.

Manchester United? No, Manchester disunited.

We’ve been told Sir Alex Ferguson rallied and led the vocal support for Solskjaer to be given another chance at United. He rallied, was present at Carrington and led the argument for Ole to have the next three games to prove himself. But, it isn’t hard to see the truth of what has really happened here.

Ole hasn’t been given another chance. It is the opposite. If United’s board weren’t so divided over Antonio Conte, he would already be United’s manager.

The fact of the matter is that United simply had no plan for Solskjaer to fail, not after giving him a new contract in the summer, so they had no plan for who his replacement could be and that is why Ole has been given another three games – to give the board time to figure this out.

Regardless of results against Spurs, Atalanta and Man City, Solskjaer will be sacked.

It is a death by a thousand cuts, the torturous kind, that Solskjaer has been given and it is because of the incompetence of United’s board. If his replacement had already been found, Solskjaer would already be sacked.

I’m just hoping the players will rally over the next three games for Solskjaer and give him the send-off he truly deserves but the odds are against him.

The dressing room is now divided, the fanbase are divided and the board is divided after everything that happened against Liverpool on Sunday and what has happened and been reported since.

Solskjaer faces an implausible, almost impossible, situation and that is purely down to the incompetence that still remains at board level inside United. Chaos indeed.

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