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Ole Gunnar Solskjaer: Sir Alex Ferguson did not intrude on training session

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United legend Sir Alex Ferguson‘s visit to Carrington has been cleared up after rumours claimed he got involved with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer over training sessions.

Some fans felt the serial-winning Scotsman’s presence at the training ground would undermine his former player’s authority but it appears nothing of the sort happened.

Some fans have questioned why such an appointment would be made in the wake of the heavy loss to Liverpool but there’s no real correlation between the two.

After all, the club isn’t going to cancel day-to-day appointments simply because of a loss that has nothing to do with club officials.

It might not look right but it’s the club can’t be expected to cancel everything once a poor result is experienced, especially if the appointments have been pre-planned.

Some supporters have suggested the above Tweet is being used as an excuse for why Sir Alex was really at Carrington but it’s not like he’s needed excuses in the past.

Solskjaer has often publicly welcomed his former manager and has openly sought out his advice in the past.

It would be strange to not tap into Sir Alex’s knowledge but of course there is a fine line between doing that and undermining your own authority.

There has never been reports that the players ever felt otherwise and instead they’ve all wanted pictures with the former manager.

In fairness, the above Tweet does read like a club briefing and overall it’s not a good look with all things considered.

There are also suggestions that since Sir Alex wasn’t there to meet his former player that the reports of him supporting the legendary Norwegian or blocking any decision to fire him were incorrect.

Nonetheless, Solskjaer has a lot to prove at the moment and the last thing he will be thinking about is club suit fittings.

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