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Paul Pogba hits out at fake news amid uncertainty at Manchester United

by Marwan Harraz
Paul Pogba

Manchester United star Paul Pogba has hit back at the ‘fake news’ that has come out recently in a bid to protect himself, his coaches, and his teammates.

The talented Frenchman is often the scapegoat when things go bad at Old Trafford and unsurprisingly that’s been the case a little once again.

The piece Pogba is referencing is in The Sun, written by Neil Custis who claimed the player snubbed Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, refused to speak to him, and shelved discussions over a new contract.

The Peoples Person covered news in which a French journalist also claimed the former Juventus man isn’t happy and doesn’t want to play under the legendary Norwegian.

In the piece itself, we urge caution in regards to believing the news as Pogba’s name has been dragged through the mud many times in the past.

The former academy graduate is clearly sick of that happening and fans are encouraging him to call out fake news more often.

Pogba had a sensational start to the season before everything crumbled at United as he grabbed seven assists in the first four league matches.

Since then the assists have run dry in what is reflective of the team’s overall form, with the Red Devils since only managing one win in five league matches.

The win was the narrow one over West Ham, while they suffered bad defeats to Aston Villa, Leicester City, and most recently Liverpool.

Pogba’s seven assists came against three teams as he grabbed four vs Leeds United, one vs Southampton, and two vs Newcastle United.

Hopefully Manchester United can return to form and Solskjaer will need his key player if he hopes to turn things around.

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