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Dimitar Berbatov: Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is not the right man

by Marwan Harraz


Manchester United great Dimitar Berbatov has bluntly told Ole Gunnar Solskjaer he’s not the right man to take the club forward.

The now-retired Bulgarian insists he’s only trying to be realistic and it’s safe to say he’s saying what many fans currently feel.

According to Manchester Evening News, Berbatov said: “Judging on the Liverpool match, Solskjaer isn’t the right man to take the club forward.

“For some fans that’s the most important game of the season and we want to beat Liverpool maybe more than we want to beat City.

“That being said, we have to look at the bigger picture and there are a lot more games to come, if they don’t win the next couple of matches then Ole is going to be in major trouble.

“I have read the latest reports saying that his job is secure for now, but if he loses the next couple then he is going to have a difficult time justifying his position and I won’t be surprised if they have already started looking for someone to speak to in case he loses the next couple of matches.

“Next up for United is three tough matches: Spurs away, Atalanta away and City at home. I obviously have a strong sentiment towards United and Solskjaer for various reasons, but I also try to be realistic and I see that if they play the same way against Spurs like they did against Liverpool then they are in trouble.

“Spurs are a side that are up and down, and it is a winnable game for United, but if they lose it the following two games become even more difficult and Solskjaer isn’t going to be in a position to stay at United. If they don’t beat Spurs, they are going to struggle in the next two games and the manager is going to be taking the blame.”

Solskjaer certainly doesn’t have a kind fixture list to get through but he did have one earlier in the season.

It’s why the legendary Norwegian called for his players to hit the ground running this time around in order to get a good run of form going.

It seemed as though they responded to his request when they took apart Leeds United on the first match-day but there have been next to no good performances since.

Solskjaer has built arguably the best team since Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement but has failed to get the most out of them all season long.

The attack is misfiring, the defence are being cut through easily, and the midfield may as well be non-existent.

The nature of the mistakes made in the heavy 5-0 loss to Liverpool has led many to conclude the coaching is clearly insufficient.

It was also the final straw for many United fans and there are not many left who still believe in him.

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