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Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s press conference will be telling for Manchester United fans

by Sam Peoples

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer faces the press on Friday ahead of Manchester United’s game against Tottenham Hotspur and it’ll be the first time he speaks to the media since the 5-0 defeat against Liverpool.

For a lot of Man United fans, it is going to be a significant moment to see how Solskjaer reacts after what has been a tumultuous week.

Monday saw widespread reports Solskjaer was facing the sack, only for Tuesday to see a U-turn that Solskjaer had been retained support of the board.

Since, it has emerged Solskjaer has been given three games to save his job, while separate reports say sacking is a possibility if United lose to Spurs, and the changing narrative around his future has created a uniquely hostile and unpredictable atmosphere ahead of his Spurs press conference.

I feel there’s a fair comparison to be made with how Steve Bruce felt ahead of Newcastle’s game against, funnily enough, Spurs, when he had to face the press after a week of constant coverage that his sacking was inevitable following Newcastle’s takeover.

That day, Bruce lashed out at the press who said he was going to be sacked before the Spurs game.

“I hope you guys are getting a slap from your bosses, whoever your source was, whoever’s feeding you, didn’t get it right,” Bruce said in bullish fashion.

I’m not expecting a similarly prickly response from Solskjaer but it’s a tough situation he faces this afternoon and it’ll be very interesting to see what questions he is asked and his reaction.

I’ve gone as far as to say I do not think these next three games matter at all for Solskjaer’s future. I think the club are hanging him out to dry in the same way Barcelona hung Ronald Koeman out to dry because the board didn’t have a plan for what was next.

I doubt Ole will or should see it that way but with a divided dressing room, a divided board above him and a divided fanbase below him, it truly feels an almost impossible task for Solskjaer to navigate his way through this and that’s why his press conference is a significant one.

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