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Subtle Ole Gunnar Solskjaer plays the United blame game in pre-match presser

by Red Billy

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has addressed what he thinks went wrong in Manchester United’s humiliating 0-5 defeat to Liverpool last Sunday using an analogy.

‘You see Tyson Fury when he gets knocked down a couple of times, it’s remarkable how calm and composed he is on the floor, counts to six, seven, eight and he gets up and goes again,’ he said at this afternoon’s press conference ahead of tomorrow’s Premier League clash with Spurs.

‘We got up too early and tried to sort it. Minds have to be better but we’ve had to look at different things as well, the communication has to be direct.’

So what does he mean with this cryptic explanation?

The Tyson Fury reference is clear. If you have been dealt a blow, stay calm, regroup and buy yourself a little time to recover. What he is saying is having fallen one, two goals down … or was it three, or four? … his United side did not stay calm, they ran like headless chickens to try to equalise (or cut the deficit to one, or two, or three goals), leaving too much space and the defence too exposed.

He is blaming the players for abandoning the tactics, not himself for the tactics.

But what of the second part of the quote – ‘the communication has to be direct’? Is Solskjaer suggesting some sort of Chinese Whispers-esque failure? That can only mean ‘I told Kieran (McKenna)/Michael (Carrick)/Mike (Phelan) to give the players this instruction, but they did not receive it. Next time I will shout it to them myself, personally.’

It is hard to glean any other meaning from his words. And if that is the meaning, then Ole is saying ‘It’s either the coaches’ faults for not relaying my instructions correctly, or the players disregard or disrespect or do not understand those coaches as well as they do me.’

Either way, he is blaming others and not taking responsibility. It makes you wonder what the brilliant bit of wisdom was that his minions failed to get across that would have made the outcome completely different. It must have been quite something.

Everybody loves Ole even if they think he is out of his depth. A genuinely nice guy. A smiling, cheerful fellow that gets on with everyone. But is he?

Here he is, throwing everyone but himself under the bus. But smiling all the way as he does so, the little charmer.

So, what do you call a baby-faced assassin when he grows up? Just an assassin.

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