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Cristiano Ronaldo: Manchester United rescued by sensational performance

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo was the hero once again after the team’s draw vs Atalanta away from home in the Champions League.

The Portuguese forward netted twice to ensure his team left with something in the chaotic 2-2 tie in Italy.

Ronaldo’s goals came at the end of either half as he appeared determined to bend the match in his favour.

There are a minority of fans who blamed the former Juventus man for the team’s poor form but his performances of late are undeniable.

The argument is that Ronaldo’s signing has thrown the team’s balance off and resulted in the disjointed displays fans have seen so far.

The argument continues by claiming his lack of pressing is counterproductive to what Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has been building during his era.

However, it’s times like this that Ronaldo reminds everyone of just how important he is and that rather than being the problem, he is the solution.

United, time and time again, have been able to rely on the world-class attacker despite their own deficiencies this season.

Given how well Ronaldo has played so far, it’s interesting to think about how much better he could be in a more stable environment.

Solskjaer is still clinging onto his job thanks to his former teammate but even that might not be enough for much longer.

The Red Devils escaped vs Atalanta but probably won’t be able to do the same when they take on Manchester City next.

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