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Cristiano Ronaldo reveals what he said to teammates on second day at the club

by Zoe Hodges

Cristiano Ronaldo has given an impassioned speech about his intentions and beliefs at Manchester United whilst talking to streaming platform, DAZN (via Mundo Deportivo).

The striker repeated what he said when he first signed that he was not here on holiday, he was here to win.

The 36 year old who previously had a successful stint with the Reds says, “My hunger is still the same, my mentality is the same, my philosophy of the game is the same.”

Almost as if he was addressing his critics he says, “In terms of the player I am, that’s changed, I was more of a winger, I was faster, I dribbled more. Now I’m more objective, I save my legs for the right moments, the moments to kill the game.”

He told how he was still adapting to the staff, the new players and of course the famous Manchester weather.

It hasn’t dampened Ronaldo’s spirits though as he got the ball rolling at the weekend, scoring United’s first goal of their 3-0 victory over Tottenham and has scored the winning goal in their last two Champions League victories.

On his second day back he gave a speech to his colleagues, “I said I was so proud to be here and I see huge potential in this club, in these new players, in the new generation.”

He did go on to say that it’s easier for the younger generation to break into first teams all around the world than it was in his generation, saying that in his point of view they don’t appreciate it.

He went on to say, that they need to put their words into actions, “If they want to learn, they have to do it. Speaking about it is good but they need to show it.”

“The most important thing in football is winning stuff, in Manchester that’s how we have to think. It will be difficult of course, but it doesn’t matter we have to think positively, we have to believe, we have to be together, every game.”

Ronaldo will be hoping that rallying cry will be heard by his teammates tonight as they face Atalanta again in the Champions League.

Any slip ups could prove costly for manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and indeed United’s chances of success in Europe.

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