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Harry Maguire: Manchester United man far from fully fit

by Marwan Harraz
Harry Maguire

Manchester United star Harry Maguire was reportedly not ready for action after returning from an injury, in what could potentially explain his poor form.

United drew with Atalanta 2-2 with Eric Bailly and Cristiano Ronaldo being the standout players, and some fans claimed Maguire should be dropped from the starting XI after his performance.

However, according to the Daily Mail, The Telegraph report that Maguire, suffering from a calf injury picked up vs Aston Villa, was up to 10 days away from being fully fit before he was forced onto the field vs Leicester City.

The English defender is said to have only had one full day of training on the grass before playing, with some claiming he should have missed the matches vs his former side and the first match vs Atalanta before a decision should have been made for the clash vs Liverpool.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has a history of rushing players back to fitness and it’s almost always been detrimental to the player as well as the team.

Rarely has an unfit player put in a good performance so it’s something fans can’t wrap their heads around at all.

Maguire, Scott McTominay, Luke Shaw, Raphael Varane, and Marcus Rashford are just a few players who have suffered because of Solskjaer’s decisions.

Rashford, in particular, played over an entire season’s worth of football with niggling injuries because of United’s need for him.

Shaw and Maguire have looked well off the pace this season and many claimed it was due to their lack of fitness.

Fans meant fitness in terms of needing a proper rest after the Euros as well as shaking off knocks they were carrying from the summer tournament.

Maguire finished the last campaign strongly and appeared to finally be shaking off his critics so it feels almost as though he’s been thrown under the bus again.

Some have used his poor performances this season as an excuse to remove his captaincy or to sell him, when the truth is he’s being used in far from an ideal environment.

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