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More damning statistics show how poorly Man United performed against Manchester City

by Red Billy

Another home defeat, this time to neighbours City, left Manchester United looking like a broken side with no more ideas, belief or fire in their bellies.

As Statman Dave points out, the Red Devils have been outplayed and outclassed in two consecutive home Premier League games, yielding 65% of the possession to their opponents in the process.

United have conceded seven goals in those two games and without the fine array of saves from David de Gea, it could have been considerably more.

Today’s was the performance of an underdog team playing away from home, with only four touches in the opposition box throughout the game.

Opta Joe points out that this was their fewest of such touches in a Premier League match since the 08/09 season, which is even more remarkable given that they were chasing the game from the seventh minute when Eric Bailly put the ball into his own net.

The same statistician notes that City completed 753 passes, which is the most against United in any Premier League game, home or away, since 2003-04 season. As this is when Opta started recording pass data, the record could extend much, much longer.

These sorry stats complement those published here after the game, which tell their own tale of woe.

What was particularly upsetting about today’s performance was the complete surrender to their opponents.

Fans should never boo their own team but the frustration shown at both half-time and full-time is understandable given the circumstances.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s position as manager must now have become untenable as although statistics do not always provide the whole picture, there have been so many negative ones posted this season that the overall pattern cannot be ignored and confirms what those booing supporters can see with their own eyes.

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