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Rio Ferdinand and Roy Keane in disbelief over Manchester City loss

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United greats Rio Ferdinand and Roy Keane have seemingly seen enough after the disappointing 2-0 loss to Manchester City.

In truth, the visitors could have destroyed Ole Gunnar Solskjaer‘s men but took their foot off the pedal in one of the most embarrassing displays.

The disbelief the aforementioned legends feel is pretty much what fans are feeling now as well, with many confused as to what the point of waiting for three more games was.

After all, many believed Solskjaer would be sacked after the 5-0 hammering from Liverpool but he stayed on with little to nothing changing.

Fans didn’t just want to see results and instead wanted to see good performances after what has been a dire start to the season.

United beat a poor Tottenham Hotspur side 3-0 but they didn’t dominate or create chances in the way supporters wanted to see.

The 2-2 draw with Atalanta was a Herculean effort from Cristiano Ronaldo and had little to do with the overall improvement in the team.

Had it not been for numerous sensational saves from David de Gea then the Red Devils likely would have been embarrassed 5-0 again in back-to-back home games.

City also chose to conserve energy rather than go for the throat and yet they still managed to maintain dominance and territory.

Manchester United look the least coached team in the league and it’s difficult to justify Solskjaer’s stay any longer.

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