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Arsene Wenger shares his perspective of the Sir Alex Ferguson rivalry

by Joe Taylor

Arsene Wenger has opened up about his longstanding rivalry with Sir Alex Ferguson during matches between Arsenal and Manchester United.

Many years ago before Ferguson’s retirement, one of the matches fans looked forward to was the trip to London to the Emirates to witness this intense rivalry between the coaches.

During the 17 years that they were in combat with each other from a verbal perspective, a new documentary has given Wenger’s point of view of this spectacular time.

In an article from the Express where they pick out what Ferguson and Wenger said in the brand new documentary Arsene Wenger: Invincible, fans really can see what it was like from their perspective.

The Red Devils were the most dominant side before and when Wenger was appointed manager of Arsenal.

Then in the 1997/98 season, Arsenal won the Premier League and the FA cup ending the run that United were on.

The next season, Ferguson’s team secured the historic treble- winning the league, the Champions League, and the FA Cup but there was always that fear factor when facing Arsenal even after the successful trophy-haul.

Sir Alex Ferguson spoke about these couple of years as well as the years beyond in the documentary.

“You’re always looking in the rearview mirror to see who’s coming up behind you, and when you see someone you accelerate,” the former manager explains.

“Arsenal were catching us up, and their team was good enough to go above us, there’s no question about that.”

The two teams faced each other in the FA Cup semi-final replay in 1999 which was said to be a turning point in the stunning rivalry.

This is when Dennis Bergkamp, the former forward for Arsenal had a 90th-minute penalty saved and then United hit back with two stunning goals of their own despite being a man down.

A bitter blow for the Gunners, it was a massive upset for the team and the rivalry from there only turned up a notch with Ferguson saying the rivalry became toxic for a while.

Wenger gave his view about the former United boss and his domination within English football at the time.

“Alex Ferguson was the dominant figure in English football. Everyone was scared of him, from the press to the referees.

“I thought that’s a good opportunity for me to show that it’s not only in England that you know how to play football. I was ready for the fight

“It was sometimes very aggressive, especially after the games.

“When you’re fighting to win, you’re two lions. Your only one desire is to eat the lion who is against you.

“I was not scared of anybody in football.”

Many fans will agree that this was one of United’s spectacular rivalries during the Ferguson era and will be enjoying watching the documentary.

A lot will find it is nice to hear the perspectives of the former managers and will be hoping for a similar rivalry between the current setup in the future.

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