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David Moyes: Did he deserve more time at Manchester United?

by Raj Dholakia

It has been seven years since David Moyes was sacked as Manchester United manager.

The Scotsman was relieved of his duties after the club was reeling in 7th position in the Premier League. At the time, many believed it to be the worst managerial appointment in United’s history.

As it stands, Moyes’ West Ham United sit six points above United in the league. A fantastic 3-2 win over Liverpool put the Hammers in 3rd place, level on points with Manchester City.

Moyes is undoubtedly doing an amazing job at West Ham and deserves recognition.

With Ole Gunnar Solskjaer on the brink of the sack, an interesting discussion can be had about whether Moyes should have been given more time at United.

The fact of the matter is that managing West Ham or Everton is entirely different from managing one of the biggest clubs in the world.

Taking over from Sir Alex Ferguson was never going to be easy, but Moyes didn’t help himself either.

One of his biggest mistakes was getting rid of the entire backroom staff. Moyes should have realised that he needed a few members of the old regime around to smooth the transition.

Moreover, a disastrous transfer market added to his woes, with United failing to secure any of their top targets.

Kicking off a rebuild with just Marouane Fellaini was never going to be an easy task.

Moyes’ pragmatic approach, which had worked wonders with Everton, was resented by United fans. It was one of the main reasons for his downfall.

At West Ham, we see an evolution of his style of play and a clone of his famous Everton side. As rightly stated by The Telegraph: “Everything has changed, not least Moyes’s own approach.”

“It is legitimate to suggest he has improved significantly as a manager since he was summarily evicted from Old Trafford, eradicating past weaknesses and learning from old mistakes.”

“He appears more prepared to embrace adventure, to instruct his team to play the kind of progressive football West Ham followers believe their club should adopt. That has been clear in his results.”

Tactically, Moyes’ might be a better coach than Solskjaer, but it does not mean that he has what it takes to manage United.

During his ten months in charge, he could not handle the pressure and eventually crumbled under the weight of expectations.

Looking towards the future, United must bring in a manager who has not only a definite playing style but also the authority to command respect in the dressing room.

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