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The vast majority of Man United fans want Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to be sacked

by Red Billy

A new poll has revealed that 69% of Manchester United fans want manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to be sacked immediately.

Solskjaer is a club legend, revered by fans but whilst the loyalty to the man remains for many, an overwhelming number see his position as boss as no longer tenable.

A string of bad results and even worse performances, together with stories of dressing room unrest and player mutinies have all left the Norwegian in a hole from which it would seem impossible to escape.

The Athletic surveyed over 4,000 fans and asked them their opinion of Solskjaer the manager.

To the first question, ‘Since taking over from José Mourinho, Solskjaer has overall done a…’, 51% voted that he had done a ‘good job’ – a very respectable figure. Only 1% said he had done a terrible job, with 4% saying he had done an excellent job.

But to the second question, ‘Right now, Solskjaer is doing …’, 47% voted a ‘bad job’ and 44% ‘a terrible job’, with less than 1% voting a ‘good job’.

This means a total of 91% of fans believe he is currently doing a bad job or worse.

To the question ‘Solskjaer’s biggest challenge is …’, 67% voted ‘a lack of tactical awareness’, with 29% voting ‘Not enough quality around him in terms of coaching’ and 4% ‘playing squad isn’t good enough’.

Again, this leaves a whopping 96% voting that the issues lie within Solskjaer’s own control. In a separate question, 80% also said that a poor tactical approach was the main reason for the recent bad run.

Completing the sentence ‘Would you like to see Solskjaer …’, 69% said ‘leave immediately’, 13% voted for ‘given a bit more time’, 15% voted for ‘given to the end of the season’ and only 3% voted for ‘kept for the long term’.

The vote was quite emphatic and paints a sorry picture for the beleaguered boss, whose only saving grace came in the question ‘who is most responsible for United’s current situation’, with 65% blaming controlling shareholders, the Glazer family, and only 25% voting for Solskjaer.

Fans were quite divided over the type of manager they would like to see replace Ole, with 53% voting for someone who can build long term success even if it means waiting longer versus 47% voting for an experienced boss who can bring instant success.

Pessimism reigned on the question as to whether the right people were in place to make a good managerial appointment should the Norwegian leave, with a massive 94% saying no, they were not.

Two other interesting questions were asked. First, 70% of fans believe that United were right to sign Cristiano Ronaldo and 72% blamed Solskjaer for the fact that Donny van de Beek had struggled to impose himself at United, with only 5% blaming the player himself.

Overall, the survey was a sad indictment on the manager’s support from the fan base and of growing tensions and frustrations with the running of the club – perhaps back to the levels that saw the #GlazersOut protests earlier in the year, or even worse.

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