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Rod Stewart ‘disturbed’ by Cristiano Ronaldo’s touchline antics

by Zoe Hodges

Though Celtic has his heart, Rod Stewart has always taken a keen interest in Manchester United ever since Scottish Manager Matt Busby was at the helm.

Recently he was pressed on what he thought of Cristiano Ronaldo’s return to the Theatre of Dreams and although his thoughts were mostly positive, there was one thing that niggled him slightly.

“It’s wonderful, it’s everywhere you go,” he began “But I’m a little disturbed that he was on the touchline the other night, taking over from Ole.”

The match in question was the Champions League clash with Young Boys in which Ronaldo had been substituted.

Not content with sitting on the sidelines, the 36 year old shouted orders at his teammates alongside Solskjaer.

At the time pundits and ex-teammates such as Rio Ferdinand criticised the Portuguese international for his actions and now the 76 year old music legend has had his say.

“He’s got to stop that,” he exclaimed, “It’s very disrespectful.”

He concluded, “One manager, one player!”

However, Ronaldo has already been linked with a player-coach role in the speculation surrounding Solskjaer’s future.

He has also previously stated that he’d like to finish his playing career at Manchester United before moving into a backroom position.

United have insisted they have brought Ronaldo in purely in a player capacity and they believe he has a good number of years left on the field.

Ronaldo’s actions seem to have divided opinion amongst fans and professionals alike, but is Rod right? Or is Ronaldo proving he has a big future at United, far beyond his playing days?

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