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Mike Phelan and Kieran McKenna set to assist Michael Carrick for visit to Villarreal

by Joe Taylor

Manchester United have sacked Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and confirmed Michael Carrick will take charge of the upcoming games while the club search for an interim manager.

Many fans started to speculate who would be departing alongside Solskjaer with first team coaches Mike Phelan and Kieran McKenna, as well as Carrick himself, also expected to leave.

However, Laurie Whitwell has confirmed that this is not the case and instead they both will assist Carrick for the upcoming match vs. Villarreal.

The tweet confirmed that it is only Solskjaer who is departing for now, which could mean more outgoings from the backroom staff could happen once the club finds a suitable replacement.

Darren Fletcher, who was another name that was tossed around after the Watford defeat to take over from the outgoing manager, continues as Technical Director and coach.

United find themselves in a tough situation after leaving the sacking until after the international break.

This has caused a lot of panic for supporters who have noted that upcoming games will be tough, including the Champions League fixture vs. Villarreal and the upcoming Premier League clash with top of the league Chelsea.

It has also caused a lot of concern for many fans who believe the whole coaching team plus the assistant manager should have been sacked in the process as well.

A win on Tuesday will certainly look very good for United and their qualification chances but a defeat could see them struggling to secure European football.

It will now be time for Carrick and his assistants to bring the squad together and provide a smooth transition for the next manager.

The tweet concluded by saying that United had no clear plan to sack Solskjaer before the Watford fixture.

However, the devastating defeat meant the answer was obvious for everyone and that he needed to go.

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