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Zinedine Zidane in talks to replace Mauricio Pochettino at Paris Saint Germain

by Red Billy
Mauricio Pochettino

Zinedine Zidane has given a definite ‘no’ to the Manchester United manager’s job but is keen to become manager of Paris Saint Germain, according to a reliable French outlet.

RMC Sport claims that despite the fact that Zidane’s ultimate goal is to manage the France national side, he is now more than open to taking the reins in Paris.

The well-respected outlet notes that Zizou’s excellent relationship with the Qataris is a big factor in what would appear to be an interest in managing the Parisian giants despite his roots being with rivals Marseille.

‘According to Fred Hermel, Spanish football specialist for RMC Sport, Zinedine Zidane has clearly said no to Manchester United, to succeed Ole Gunnar Solskjaer,’ RMC Sport says.

Hermel said “They put pressure on, but Zidane said no, he does not want to go to England”, before adding “We must remember the special links between Zidane and Qatar”

“That Pochettino is not happy in Paris, we all know, no problem, he continues. We also recall the special links between Zidane and Qatar, especially as Zidane supported the country’s candidacy for the World Cup, and that he was paid for that before donating the money to his foundation in Kabylia. We know that he has good contacts in Qatar. ”

“Zidane is waiting for the France team, but you never know what can happen.”

“Zidane did not tell me, but I know he was contacted by Qatar. He did not necessarily receive a direct offer, but he had contact, it is obvious.

“Zidane is waiting for the France team … but can we say today with certainty that Deschamps will leave after the World Cup in Qatar? If he gets a great result that makes him want to stay?”

This report is the clearest and most reliable yet that Zidane has definitely declined the United job. However, it certainly opens the door wider than ever to a situation where Mauricio Pochettino moves from Paris to United, with Zidane taking his place.

This is a scenario which, on the face of it, would suit everyone, despite Pochettino’s attempts yesterday to throw cold water on the rumours.

Timing will be an issue. If Zidane takes the PSG job now he would do so knowing that the France job would not be available for at least one year. If it is left until the summer he might be tempted to then wait a little longer to see what happens with the national side.

The fact that the Qataris have been in touch with the former Real Madrid man suggests that they know this and that they might be gearing up to act sooner rather than later, opening the real possibility that Pochettino could be available to Manchester United in the near future.

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