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Ralf Rangnick: Manchester United fans told what to expect

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United fans have been given a deep insight into what to expect from the potentially incoming Ralf Rangnick.

The former RB Leipzig man is understood to have an agreement with the club for the interim manager position but nothing has been made official at the time of writing.

According to Andy Mitten in GQ, Rangnick told a United staff member that enquired about his availability as a sporting director back in 2019: “If any club wanted to speak to me, the question would have to be: ‘Can I be somebody who can influence areas of development across the whole club?’ Otherwise, you are only getting half of what I am capable of.'”

This time around it’s understood Darren Fletcher and John Murtough were the ones doing the interviewing and while they were ‘very impressed’ by Rudi Garcia, Rangnick stood out.

The German manager made it clear he was interested but wanted a role after his six months ended, which United are understood to have welcomed as they feel there’s a lot to learn from him.

One leading football agent told GQ: “He’s a projects guy. He’s a guy who will come in and sink his teeth into a project for a number of years.

“He created a vision at Hoffenheim and Leipzig. They were his vision. He’ll devise the blueprint and make it happen. He’s a micromanager who is all over the small details.

“Someone once said to me that he’s the kind of guy who’ll tell the bus driver the quickest route to the stadium. He’s a particular type of guy, he runs the shows, he’s the boss. Is Manchester United too corporate for him to do that?”

He would then add: “I can’t see how this sits into a six-month plan. Look where he’s been successful – they were over a number of years.

“How long will it take him to shake out the bad habits of the previous regime and then implement his ideas? Before he knows it the season will be done.

“And would Pochettino, for example, be happy with him staying on as a consultant? I’d be surprised if he was. United stayed for too long with Solskjaer and are out of managers as a result. Conte would have been an interesting choice for United, for example.

“As for his football, he plays an aggressive football that is big on pressing. It’s effective. When the team transitions, they do so at very high speed and it’s also based on attackers working really hard on their defensive duties.

“Will that suit the likes of Ronaldo? It’ll be interesting to see how United fans take to it. United is a really complex situation at the moment and the club have to have the end game in mind and know that it is achievable.”

Rangnick’s role after his interim time is up is understood to be one in an advisory capacity.

Matt Ford, a German football specialist, said: “Ralf Rangnick has been polarising ever since he came to prominence on a German highlights show in the late 90s, talking about co-ordinated mass pressing, quick transitions and overloads – the sort of stuff which forms the building blocks of modern football today, but which turned heads at the time.

“Polarising too because of the clubs he has worked at: both Hoffenheim and RB Leipzig remain unpopular ‘plastic’ clubs in Germany, but both provided Rangnick with a blank canvas and substantial financial clout to develop the modern club structures necessary to play his football.

“Precisely those structures have been lacking at MUFC since Sir Alex Ferguson’s departure in 2013 – and arguably even since the Glazer takeover in 2005 – with the club seemingly obsessed with individual personalities on the pitch and in the dugout.

“If John Murtough, Darren Fletcher and United are smart, they will listen to Rangnick, place their trust in him and learn from him. This could be the first correct step the club has taken in 16 years.”

There are a lot of reasons why fans are excited by Rangnick’s arrival and a lot of them have been brilliantly listed above.

United needed a footballing brain in their hierarchy and also needed a knowledgable head coach, not just an interim manager.

Luckily, with Rangnick, they’ll get all three in one and it’s clear to see how influential he is in modern football.

Whether the Red Devils can get the deal over the line and make use of one of the best brains in football remains to be seen.

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