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Edwin van der Sar open to next challenge as CEO links swirl

by Joe Taylor

Former Manchester United goalkeeper Edwin van der Sar has been linked once again with the CEO job at the club.

Ed Woodward is expected to leave his job in the upcoming weeks after resigning in April of this year.

Many people are being linked heavily with the soon-to-be-vacant role but Van der Sar has been a name many fans would love to see replacing the outgoing executive vice-chairman.

The former Dutch goalkeeper spent six years at the club from 2005 until 2011 after previous spells at Ajax, Juventus, and Fulham.

He then retired, leaving Man United and rejoining Ajax as a marketing director in 2012.

He was then promoted to the role of CEO at the club in June 2016 where he has enjoyed great success in recent years in the Eredivisie.

According to the Manchester Evening News, the 51-year-old insisted he is “very happy” in the Netherlands.

“Every job you do, you want to do it as well as possible,” the former goalkeeper stated.

“I think we had success on the pitch as a player, winning trophies, getting respect, for us it’s important to do the same trick as a director in the position what we do now.

“To be linked or talked about is something that we enjoy, of course, that means we’re doing but the feeling is that we’re not ready here yet in Amsterdam.

“There’s still room to improve, we had a contract talk with him last year [Erik ten Hag] and he saw a real improvement in the team and a possibility to perform at a higher level, that’s the way he’s doing that, the players developing, it’s fantastic.”

Some United fans will be disappointed to hear this as it now seems unlikely that he will return to the club in the capacity of CEO.

Another person linked with the job is current managing director, Richard Arnold, who has been at the club since 2008.

Van der Sar never eliminated the chance of returning to the club in the capacity of CEO which leaves some hope for the fans who want to see him return.

He said: “There’s always a next step, you want to have new experience, ‘lets see if he can do the trick another time’ probably in the end as a player you sort of feel the urge to take the next step, new challenge, you’re on a dead track.

“For example, at Ajax I wanted a new challenge [and] went Juventus, at Juventus I was a dead track, ended up at Fulham — maybe stayed one or two years too long — in the end, I got the deal or the transfer that could finish my career at a high then playing six years.

“Probably at the end you want to go for the next challenge, but at the moment we’re extremely fine here in Amsterdam.”

United could announce the next CEO in the upcoming days as Woodward begins to depart from the club.

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