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Potential new stadium for Manchester United women and academy teams

by Zoe Hodges

Plans are being discussed to build a new stadium for Manchester United women and the academy teams as part of an attempt to modernise and upgrade Old Trafford.

Currently the women’s team and men’s under-23 side play their home matches at Leigh Sports Village whilst the under-18’s play at Carrington.

Although Old Trafford is the largest club stadium in the UK, fans have criticised the Glazers for failing to maintain and improve the ground when so many clubs around them have invested.

Now, as upgrades to the training facility are already underway, plans are being made for Old Trafford with a number of options being discussed such as increasing the capacity of the south stand.

Though nothing has been formally agreed it is thought that the capacity could increase from 74,140 to 80,000.

Keen discussions with architectural and engineering companies are ongoing, to build the men’s and women’s stadium on the same site as Old Trafford.

Chief operating officer, Collette Roche told the Telegraph that the various meetings had produced “exciting potential ideas” and that the club had “an open mind about the best approach and scope of work.”

United have already spent around £5 million upgrading Carrington with a master planner now in place to continue the redevelopment.

The plan is to create a fully integrated, three group facility for the men’s, women’s and academy teams.

This comes after the women moved to Carrington during Covid but with the need to keep in bubbles it has caused some logistical issues.

Though the redevelopment plans for Old Trafford are still very much in the negotiation stages, the approach they have shown with the training facilities demonstrates that having an integrated match day site might be a desirable option for the club.

United hope to have a master planner in place early in the New Year when we should hear more finalised or preferred options for the redevelopment.

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