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Rio Ferdinand: I would have picked David de Gea as captain over Harry Maguire

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United great Rio Ferdinand has claimed he would have chosen David de Gea over Harry Maguire as the club’s captain.

The former defender was discussing when the Englishman was first handed the armband rather than talking about the current squad.

According to the Mirror, Ferdinand said: “The fact that he [Maguire] has had the armband has given him that grace [not being dropped], which it would do.

“I think he was given it too early. It’s a hard enough job coming into Manchester United, getting your feet under the table and starting to feel comfortable as it is without the added pressure of being captain.

“Being captain is a massive responsibility, there is history that goes with it, a big weight on your shoulders.

“You need to experience being there for a period of time to carry that weight. It was more important for Maguire to come in and concentrate on becoming a Manchester United mainstay than being captain.

“The thing you can counter that [Maguire criticism] with is that there weren’t many captains at the club – who else are they going to pick?

David de Gea would have been my choice because of the time he’s been there and he knows what it takes to win.

“This is all with hindsight but you have to got to think about these times that might come with someone like Harry Maguire, new at the club in that sense. And that added pressure is weighing on him heavily at the moment.”

The issue with captaincy has persisted even until now as some fans feel there are better options at the club currently who can do a better job of leading the team.

Nemanja Matic has often been touted by the players as a leader, with it emerging that he is the one who hands out fines should anyone step out of line.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s return to the club has naturally seen him selected by some supporters as the man to be captained instead.

Bruno Fernandes‘ talismanic performances ever since arriving from Sporting Lisbon has pushed him forward as a natural leader too.

There are others such as Raphael Varane and Edinson Cavani who are fan-favourites but the main issue remains that many feel Maguire isn’t fit for captaincy.

The former Leicester City man’s poor form certainly doesn’t help but even at the time he was handed the armband, eyebrows were raised.

Nonetheless, what Ferdinand is essentially saying is the club needs to protect Maguire from the pressures that are currently on his shoulders and it’s clear to see he’s sinking.

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