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Phil Jones: Manchester United star the only positive in defeat to Wolves

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United star Phil Jones was probably the one main positive in the clash against Wolves, which is pretty damning stuff in regards to his teammates.

The English centre-back had a sensational game and it’s a shame instead of praising him, he had to be involved in the 1-0 loss at Old Trafford.

“Phil Jones’ game numbers vs. Wolves:

90% pass accuracy
7/8 duels won
7 ball recoveries
3 blocked shots
2 interceptions
2 clearances

Stepped up after a long time away.”

Jones was quite often the scapegoat for fans who chose him as the easy target to blame for all the failures in the post-Sir Alex Ferguson era.

Criticism is one thing but abuse is another and it’s safe to say some supporters crossed that line fairly frequently.

Jones’ struggles with injuries throughout his career led to many believing he may never return to action but he managed to persist brilliantly.

Old Trafford cheered the experienced defender in the early stages of the match as it was clear people were happy to see him fit again.

Of course he’s not looked at as the solution to all the woes but he’s worked hard to be relied upon by Ralf Rangnick, who was impressed with his application and dedication.

Jones is said to be keen on securing a loan move this month and he’s certainly done well enough to impress any interesting parties.

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