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Ralf Rangnick faces first major test with Manchester United dressing room unrest

by Marwan Harraz
Ralf Rangnick

Ralf Rangnick reportedly faces major dressing room unrest with multiple outlets reporting a crisis is unfolding at Manchester United.

According to The Mirror, cliques are said to have formed in the dressing room, with Rangnick facing a battle to unite his unhappy stars.

It’s understood up to 11 players want to leave United, particularly those who have hardly gotten any minutes, even under the German boss.

The Mirror goes as far as claiming the players aren’t pleased with Rangnick’s coaching or his tactics.

A source reportedly said: “It’s not good. The atmosphere is really bad and it looks like there are going to be big problems ahead for United.”

The Sun confirms the dressing room unrest but adds that some players feel more senior teammates have too much influence on Rangnick in regards to the big decisions.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was often accused of playing favourites and it seems the former RB Leipzig man is being accused of the same thing.

The Sun have their own source who said: “The players have their own cliques, one of which is making the others feel like they need to step up a level when it is the whole team that’s struggling.

“The players are demoralised. This is deja vu of the previous years when things went wrong.

“The fans probably think the players are not fit enough to put Rangnick’s plans into action.

“That is so untrue. Certain players have just lost that knack and desire.

“Plus, there is a belief within one section of the squad that some players get selected, regardless of their displays. So everything is a complete shambles.”

The Sun go on to claim Rangnick has a reputation for being ‘aloof and overconfident’, with some players openly stating Tottenham Hotspur’s Antonio Conte should have been appointed instead.

It’s said they expect PSG’s Mauricio Pochettino to be handed the reins in the summer.

According to the Daily Mail, the unrest is being caused by a ‘fringe group’ who don’t understand why they haven’t gotten minutes despite the team’s poor form.

Rangnick is described as ‘cooler’ and ‘more distant’ but is accused of playing favourites still, with the mood at training being described as ‘oppressive’.

The Mail claim up to half the squad is unhappy and senior players openly discuss the group and atmosphere as being the worst they can remember.

One thing the outlet does add is that Solskjaer was asked by some staff why he didn’t expose the players who threw him under the bus but he essentially turned down the idea.

It’s said there was surprise in Germany when Rangnick landed the job and that he has been detached since joining, preferring coach Chris Armas and psychologist Sascha Lense to deal with the dressing room mood.

The Telegraph also confirm the unrest but claim it’s the third of the squad and no more that want to leave.

It’s not just players too, with some coaching staff also keen to leave as another overhaul is expected of the club.

It’s said there’s recognition the Covid outbreak hasn’t helped Rangnick but other clubs have faced the same without such a downfall in performances.

One thing The Telegraph says that’s different to the others is that Rangnick’s stance in not letting players depart could backfire if he hopes to build a united team.

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