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Fans angry with Marcus Rashford’s performance against Aston Villa

by Red Billy

Marcus Rashford put in a dismal performance this evening as Manchester United struggled to overcome Aston Villa 1-0 at Old Trafford.

The England man has been lacking in form and confidence all season but this was arguably his worst performance so far and he looked visibly unhappy throughout the game and on the bench after he was subbed in the 86th minute.

Fans took to social media after the game to vent their frustrations at Rashford’s latest lacklustre performance and poor body language. Comments included:

Marcus Rashford, you know you’re allowed to go to the ball right? Over £100k a week and you won’t even move, maybe just a little sprint no? Just because you help charities off the pitch doesn’t mean you’re to be charitable on it too.’

‘Brother needs therapy.’

‘Rashford’s attitude stinks by the way, the frustration inside the ground was clear, don’t know what the matter is with him at he moment but he needs to sort it out. Needs benching.’

‘I actually feel bad for Rashford… this is bigger than just a drop in form.’

‘Disappointed in Rashford’s performance tonight was very lethargic, could’ve chased in and had a tap in a couple of times, not good enough.’

‘I like Marcus Rashford as a player, but if he cannot play with his head up, he should not play. You have complete control of your attitude and effort, no excuses are valid to play dejectedly. Opening forays were promising, then back to the same old pouting, head down stuff.’

‘Something is off with Marcus Rashford and I really hope he comes back to his old self…the lad is a monster and one of our own.’

‘100% pretty sure everyone wants Rashford to succeed. The truth though is that his performances have been horrendous for years.’

‘Bruno would have won the Ballon d’Or if Rashford was a good finisher.’

With Anthony Martial looking to leave and Jadon Sancho struggling to adapt to the Premier League, United’s wing force – which looked to be the envy of the world at the start of the season – is starting to look very threadbare and it is to be hoped that Rashford can find form – and enjoyment in his game – soon.

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