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Fans react to Cristiano Ronaldo’s controversial Sky interview

by Red Billy

Manchester United fans on social media have been reacting to Cristiano Ronaldo’s candid interview with Sky Sports yesterday.

The Portuguese legend said in the interview that ‘I don’t accept that our mentality be less than being in the top three in the Premier League.

‘I don’t want to be here to be in sixth place, or seventh place, or fifth place. I’m here to try to win, to compete.

‘I think to build up good things, sometimes you have to destroy a few things.

‘We are capable of changing things now. I know the way but I’m not going to mention it here because I don’t think it’s ethical on my part to say that.

‘What I can say is we can do better – all of us.’

He also said interim manager Ralf Rangnick needs to be given more time to implement his philosophy at the club.

‘Since he arrived I think in some points we are better, but he needs time. It’s not that easy to change the mentality of players and the way they play, the culture, the system like that. I believe that he is going to do a good job.’

Ronaldo also admitted that the season had been a difficult one.

‘Not easy to be honest,’ he said.

‘We changed Ole, then Carrick, then this new coach. It’s difficult when you change so much, it’s always tough.

“It’s always sad and tough. Ole used to play with me before and now he was the coach. A fantastic person. When he left everybody was sad, but it’s part of football.

‘When things don’t go the way the club wants, the club has to change. I was disappointed but we have to understand the club. It was difficult but life continues.’

The response from United fans was enthusiastic.

‘And this is clearly why this guy should be the captain,’ one fan tweeted.

‘Only if our English players had this mentality, we would be winning the league,’ said another.

Other comments included:

‘Can you shout louder Cristiano for the lazy players at the back!’

‘His mentality is what this club needed.’

‘Man he gets it.’

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