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Fred: Manchester United dressing room problems are fake news

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United star Fred has insisted the news regarding problems in the dressing room are fake despite the various reports that have come out of late.

Ralf Rangnick himself had to respond to the rumours and he admitted it’s normal for such a bloated squad to have unhappy players due to lack of minutes.

According to ESPN, Fred said: “We who speak Portuguese, we communicate, we have a nice friendship.

“I’ve been good friends with Alex Telles, both on and off the pitch for many years now, so of course, I’ll be a bit closer to him, but that doesn’t mean I won’t talk to [Jesse] Lingard, [Marcus] Rashford, [Mason] Greenwood or [Harry] Maguire and the other English players.

“We have a very good friendship, it’s a great atmosphere in the dressing room, we are very good friends and we are always having fun together.

“Whenever possible we have dinner together, recently it hasn’t happened because of COVID-19, but we always try to be all together.

“It is a huge club that people will always try to say something about us.

“Cristiano Ronaldo is a great player that everyone wants to talk about and, unfortunately, fake news stories come out. That’s very much part of it, unfortunately.

“People like a bit of fake news. Here [in England] there is too much. These days I used my Twitter account to talk about a news story about me, which was published in the newspapers and everything, saying that I wanted to leave United.

“I had to say that it is a lie, I don’t know where they get this information from.”

Rangnick was careful not to respond in regards to a dressing room rift and instead chose to shift the focus to the number of players United employed.

The German boss seemed to be telling the board, indirectly, to sell players or the dressing room will continue to have issues.

Fred has insisted relationships remain great and there’s no real reason to doubt him, especially given how united the players seemed to be under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

It’s clear the unhappiness in the Manchester United camp has to do with a lack of game time and not much more than that.

However, generally speaking, the players who want to leave for more minutes aren’t willing to accept lower pay from the clubs who are keen on them.

Equally guilty, United also don’t want to accept what they believe to be small fees for their players, and so these standoffs have ultimately created the poor atmosphere surrounding the club at the minute.

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