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Manchester United’s poor finances not just down to growing debt

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United fans will be shocked to see just how poorly the club perform in regards to player sales.

Supporters have long felt that those in charge have shown bad decision-making in general but particularly in the transfer market too.

The Tweet above shows exactly how United are performing in terms of generating cash from player sales and how that compares to Europe’s elites.

Naturally, as a big club, it can be difficult to offload players as buying clubs know that selling clubs are desperate to get rid.

By default, there’s a power imbalance in negotiations but it’s safe to say the Red Devils are still performing horribly in this regard.

Juventus have made the most in player sales over the past five years, generating an invaluable €563m in total.

Manchester United by comparison sit at a measly €70m which is remarkably poor and shocking, especially when taking into consideration the large amounts of debt they currently have.

If player sales were difficult for top clubs then Juventus, Chelsea, and Barcelona wouldn’t complete the top three in this field.

Much is made of how much Chelsea spend but they certainly can afford to do so if they are generating this much on sales, let alone how much their infamous owner is willing to pump into the club.

United must learn to do better and it’s clear to see that those in charge are making costly decisions that aren’t beneficial for those on the pitch or off it.

If the Glazer family were smart enough to be more greedy with the money the club makes then they would at least hire competent people who can make the right kind of choices.

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