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Amadou Haidara: Stat shows interesting differences with Scott McTominay

by Marwan Harraz
Amadou Haidara

Much was made over Manchester United boss Ralf Rangnick and his admiration for RB Leipzig star Amadou Haidara but nothing came of it in the end.

Fans were naturally disappointed as they felt a midfielder was desperately needed this winter and he would have been an upgrade on the current options.

The Tweet above shows the differences between Scott McTominay, who Rangnick predicted could be a future club captain, and Haidara.

The differences are naturally rather intriguing to see and doesn’t necessarily mean one player is better than the other, rather it shows the type of profiles on show.

The two players play in different leagues, in different systems, and under different circumstances so this must all be kept in mind when comparing.

Having said that, Haidara is better at pressuring, at non-penalty expected goals, at shots, at expected assists, at progressive passes, and lastly at progressive carries.

McTominay meanwhile, is better at tackles and interceptions, pass completion, and successful dribbles.

The reason why fans wanted Haidara in the first place, largely, was because of the progressive passes.

Supporters have recognised the likes of Fred and McTominay tend to play things safe, and given how they’re the deepest of midfielders, this can be remarkably frustrating.

Even in the things the Scotsman is better at, it’s only pass completion that is a big enough difference, which can be explained by Haidara’s naturally more risky approach to passing.

It’s that risky approach that has the Mali international at double the expected assists of McTominay.

It’s clear to see Haidara is, in theory, an upgrade on the United star and Rangnick was right to be keen on his signature.

Whoever the next permanent manager is, it will be worth his time to look into bringing in the Leipzig star this coming summer.

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