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Manchester United: Statistics give little hope for top-four finish

by Marwan Harraz
Ralf Rangnick

Manchester United fans are right to be concerned about whether or not their side makes it into the top four.

The visualisation chart below proves how the team are miles away from performing at the level they should be.

The graph calls United ‘pretend big boys’ and that is perhaps the accurate way of describing the team this season.

The Red Devils have numerous supremely talented individuals but unfortunately that’s all they are.

A team that has the capability of being great in sporadic moments is different from a consistently great team.

The graph shows the top six teams in the league and yet Manchester United are the only ones with a npxGA greater than their npxG.

In other words, they’re more likely to concede than they are to score.

Manchester City by comparison are three times more likely to score than to concede. Remarkable dominance.

As the visualisation shows, United have had a problem with being clinical and have frequently collapsed defensively.

If the team can’t get these basics right then they will naturally always struggle.

The work done by Ralf Rangnick of late seems to be pointing to progress but as he said, the team isn’t where he thought they’d be by this point.

Perhaps if the visualisation showed numbers starting from the German’s reign then it might read better but really, how much better can it be?

City created more chances than they conceded in 83% of their matches. Liverpool never created less than one npxG. Even West Ham have created one npxG in 70% of their games.

Rangnick has made progress but it’s clear to see much more needs to be done before Manchester United can rub shoulders with the greats.

The former RB Leipzig boss even complained about a lack of execution in his squad after crashing out of the FA Cup.

Nonetheless, what’s clear is United need to maintain a high level of performance from now on or risk missing out.

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