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The Athletic: Manchester United to appoint a Deputy Director of Football

by Raj Dholakia
John Murtough

Manchester United are looking to hire a Deputy Director to work under John Murtough.

According to The Athletic, United will interview a number of candidates before making their final decision.

This strategy is not very common but has been implemented by other Premier League clubs.

Liverpool’s Julian Ward and Brighton’s David Weir are good examples of the same.

United believe that this appointment will strengthen their overall management structure and put less burden on a single individual.

The report further states why United see this as a step toward modernising the club:

“Among the key decisions made in the past 12 months was promoting Murtough from the head of football development to football director and Darren Fletcher from an academy coach to technical director.”

“This is seen as a fundamental area as United try to modernise their football set-up and ultimately recapture former glories, with Murtough — in particular — taking on a growing range of responsibilities.”

With the departure of Ed Woodward, United could be taking a step in the right direction.

However, it further blurs Ralf Rangnick’s future at the club.

The German was promised a consultancy role at the end of his interim stint and should be given more power to make decisions in the summer.

His invaluable experience can really help rebuild the squad.

Rangnick has scouting connections all over Europe, and can accelerate United’s youth intake of top-class talent.

With Rangnick coaching the team for six months, he would have a better understanding of the players and tactics and should be instrumental in appointing United’s new manager.

The club must give more clarity on Rangnick’s role next season.

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