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Teddy Sheringham: Mauricio Pochettino a perfect fit for Manchester United

by Marwan Harraz

Former striker Teddy Sheringham has claimed PSG’s Mauricio Pochettino is the ‘perfect fit’ for Manchester United.

The Argentine manager has been linked with a move to Old Trafford but there are no guarantees over where he may end up next.

According to Genting Casino, Sheringham said: “Manchester United have always been brought up on that vibe of taking the game to the opposition, it was always Fergie’s way, he never worried about the opposition, what they’ll do to us, it’s about what we can do to them.

“I think, if you look along those lines, I would say the perfect fit would be Pochettino, without a doubt.

“I think when he was at Tottenham he wanted the ball, he wanted to play with the ball and hurt the opposition, and I think that the Manchester United crowd would love his philosophy in the way that he takes the game to the opposition.

“Obviously, he didn’t win anything at Tottenham, but if you’ve got bigger and better players than what he had there, who knows what he could achieve. He would be the man for me, he would be the number one choice.

“It’s a great experience for him, working with world-class players at PSG. Everybody thinks it’ll be easy, but managing all those top players and egos, it’s a big thing.”

Pochettino’s lack of silverware has always been a concern among United fans and even PSG’s hierarchy are doubting his abilities.

Reports have already circulated in regards to Zinedine Zidane potentially being brought in this summer.

Claims have also been made that Real Madrid are keen on Pochettino because of his attractive football.

It’s the way he set up his past teams such as Southampton and Tottenham Hotspur that gained him plaudits in the first place.

Although he’s now won silverware with PSG and is expected to win the Ligue 1 this season, he’s not really getting credit for it.

After all, the French giants are expected to dominate their league every season and so people have brushed it off as an achievement.

Should he secure the Champions League it’s likely PSG will want to keep him, with Madrid and United fighting for his signature.

Nonetheless, the Red Devils are understood to be undecided still over who should be in charge permanently.

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