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Gary Neville: Ralf Rangnick won’t get Manchester United job

by Marwan Harraz
Manchester United's Ralf Rangnick

Manchester United great Gary Neville has had his say on Ralf Rangnick’s future amid rumours over who will be the next manager.

The German boss has done well in his interim role so far but the former right-back feels it’s not enough for a permanent role.

According to the Daily Mail, Neville said: “I don’t think he gets the job at the end of the season come what may now (Rangnick).

“I think maybe there was a feeling if United went like that (points upwards) then that would happen – it isn’t going to happen, Manchester United will have a new manager next season.

‘I think he will (have a say on who next manager will be) because what he’s got is a real good view because what he has got is a real good view of the characters, personalities, performance levels and training levels of the current group of players so he is in a strong position to advise.

“He is probably in the strongest position to advise because he is having day-to-day contact with them.

“He is seeing how they cope with disappointment, how they cope with atmospheres, how they cope with big games, how they cope with training; can they meet the demands of the club? Have they got the quality?

“People say he is a sporting director and a coach, but the reality is that his position as a coach is short-term; his position as assisting the club, constructing their new methodology and structure moving forward is a longer term position for two years.

“I’d rather him get that bit right; I’d rather suffer in the short-term for the longer-term perspective being right.

“He has got good experience around building structures in football clubs and Manchester United do need that.”

Neville has potentially been a little harsh on Rangnick in regards to him not necessarily being good enough or not having done a good enough job.

The former RB Leipzig man had a massive job on his hands given the conditions he received the squad in from Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

Rangnick has managed to steady the ship and appears to be getting more and more out of his players each week.

Results or performances were never going to skyrocket, particularly given how rock-bottom they were before he arrived.

What Neville might have a point about is whether or not Rangnick has what it takes to take on the likes of Guardiola, Tuchel, and Klopp but that remains to be seen.

The Red Devils haven’t played any of their big rivals since he was put in charge on a temporary basis but his big-game management will be revealed soon enough.

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