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Harry Maguire under fire again after poor performance against Atletico Madrid

Press reports waves of fresh criticism on social media

by Red Billy

Despite a decent result in Spain against Atletico Madrid last night, the press reported a groundswell of fan criticism toward Manchester United captain Harry Maguire.

The centre back’s defensive performance once again came under scrutiny, particularly in regard to Atletico’s goal, where he was beaten to a header by 5ft 9 inch João Felix.

As can be seen in this original video footage (UK only), as the ball was crossed in from the left, Maguire was slow to react and left for dead by the Portuguese playmaker.

Both The Mail and The Daily Star reported huge fan reactions on social media, once again slating the skipper’s performance.

His lack of pace, slow reactions and being outjumped by a player seven inches shorter were all points of complaint.

Maguire’s all-round performance was poor last night. After a hospital pass to teammate Fred, the camera zoomed in on the Brazilian, who appeared to say ‘H! For f—s sake!’

Maguire’s form has been an almost constant issue this season and has led to a great deal of speculation that he could be stripped of his captaincy or dropped.

However interim manager Ralf Rangnick has pledged that the 28-year-old will remain captain until the end of the season no matter what.

And against Leeds United on Sunday, his faith was rewarded with a goal from the player.

But questions remain after yesterday’s performance and in an ironic twist, UEFA mistakenly listed Bruno Fernandes as United captain for the game rather than the former Leicester City man.

United’s next game comes at Old Trafford on Saturday when they face Watford in the Premier League.

It will be interesting to see whether Rangnick soldiers on with the beleaguered star or whether the Victor Lindelof and Raphael Varane partnership, that did so well when Maguire was injured, will be restored.

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