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Ralf Rangnick: Manchester United boss excels in brilliant statistic

by Marwan Harraz
Ralf Rangnick

Manchester United boss Ralf Rangnick has a remarkable track record that has emerged in light of the result with Atletico Madrid.

The former RB Leipzig boss has won over fans with his frank approach and clear press conferences and slowly but surely the results are matching his intentions.

The statistic above proves lots of positive things about Rangnick as a manager, even if results haven’t been quite what fans want.

A substitute scoring or assisting a goal in seven of his 16 matches in charge is a great record that should be praised.

It shows that Rangnick has a real understanding of his players, knows what their profiles are and how to get the best out of them.

It also shows he knows not just where or how to use them but also when to use them, in what stages of a match or depending on the opposition the team is taking on.

In an ideal world, Rangnick wouldn’t need to turn to his bench that often for inspiration or for changing the result of a match.

Preferably those who start would have handled the match situations well enough that the bench isn’t needed for that reason.

Instead, the bench should be turned to for resting the starting players who performed well enough to get the desired result.

Of course, this is speaking only in ideals and the reality is far different from that, particularly with United.

Given that reality, it’s good to know Rangnick knows what weapons he has on hand and how to use them best.

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