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Rio Ferdinand: Manchester United stars have spoken to me

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United great Rio Ferdinand has revealed he receives calls by the players or their representatives in regards to what he says about them in the public sphere.

Many ‘leaks’ were made following United’s heavy 4-1 defeat by Manchester City, with players either protecting themselves or pushing the blame elsewhere.


Ferdinand has made it clear how he feels about the situation, stating that the players should be more focused on their performances rather than outside attention, whether positive or negative.

The aforementioned leaks often frustrate fans who feel the players or their representatives are causing more damage than they realise.

It naturally shows a lack of disunity and that the players’ focuses are not where they should be, as can be seen on the pitch.

One ‘leak’ after the defeat was that some of the squad felt Cristiano Ronaldo’s absence was one reason for the result vs City.

It was said that they felt he shouldn’t have travelled to Portugal as his presence, even if injured, would have helped the team in what was a big match.

Another ‘leak’ claimed the players have felt the uncertainty surrounding the next manager has left them underperforming of late.

Ralf Rangnick himself addressed his own and some of the players’ futures, insisting it didn’t matter where he or they ended up next and that the focus should be on the present.

He even said that everyone should see the benefit of putting in good performances even if it helps them secure moves elsewhere.

This isn’t the first time such ‘leaks’ have come out and it’s unlikely to be the last, much to the dismay of the supporters.

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