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Gary Neville: Manchester United players and staff are tone deaf

by Marwan Harraz
Gary Neville

Manchester United legend Gary Neville has seemingly taken a swipe at the club’s players and staff.

The former defender took issue with how some of the players and staff, including Ralf Rangnick, have taken time off during the international break.

Naturally fans did not respond well to Neville’s Tweet, as can be seen by some of the replies.

Supporters haven’t really complained of how some of the players of staff were using their time off.

After all, it’s pretty normal these days for footballers to jet off on mini-breaks if they’re not selected for their international teams.

Some coaches prefer to use the international break to work with their players while others prefer to give them some much-needed rest.

Clearly Rangnick preferred the latter and perhaps what was a defining factor in his decision was the high number of players who won’t be in training due to international selection.

United’s squad are full of key internationals so perhaps training would be either a little light or just not as intense.

Other fans pointed out that had social media existed during Neville’s playing days then perhaps he would’ve been ‘caught’ doing the ‘wrong’ thing more often.

Of course, it’s not necessarily a good look when players or staff are on mini-holidays after the underperforming season so far but no one is truly bothered by it.

What’s more important to fans is results on the pitch and hopefully Rangnick’s mini-break will deliver that when the team returns.

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