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Gary Neville: Manchester United should go for this manager

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United legend Gary Neville has had his say on who he would hire between Ajax’s Erik ten Hag and PSG’s Mauricio Pochettino.

It’s understood the two talented managers are the main contenders for the job at Old Trafford, as speculation continues to grow.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer‘s departure saw an inability to hire a permanent manager and so a short-term solution was sought.

At the time, Ten-Hag was understood to be unwilling to leave his club mid-season, whereas PSG played hardball on Pochettino.

Among the temporary options, Ralf Rangnick stood out and was subsequently hired as interim manager, as well as being handed an advisory role for two further years.

With the season ending in roughly two months time, United have stepped up their efforts to sign a new permanent manager.

Pochettino and Ten Hag seem to be the most logical options and the situations for both have changed drastically.

With the Red Devils seemingly capable of hiring either manager, fans have appeared to lean towards the latter more.

Supporters feel Pochettino’s failures with PSG has become a stain on his career and so have felt less reassured than they would have in the past.

It looks as though Neville is more confident in the Argentine, perhaps because his quality and his flaws are known whereas Ten Hag has an air of mystery around him.

The former right-back also held a poll on his account for fans to vote and the Dutchman won overwhelmingly.

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