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Bruno Fernandes: Fabrizio Romano confirms important update

by Marwan Harraz
Bruno Fernandes

Manchester United have recently had a breakthrough in negotiations with Bruno Fernandes over a new contract, according to Fabrizio Romano.

The Portuguese magician has a lot of time remaining on his current deal but it’s understood he’s being rewarded for good form.

When Bruno first joined from Sporting Lisbon, it was believed his wages were set at a normal rate and he wasn’t necessarily one of the higher earners at the club.

However, as everyone knows, the playmaker lit the Premier League on fire and quickly became one of the best in his position.

This meant that despite signing a long contract when he first joined, his wages no longer matched the output he was producing.

Negotiations over a new deal were planned many months ago but nothing really happened and it seemed as though everything was at a standstill.

Romano has now confirmed that a breakthrough did happen and so a new contract being announced may happen soon.

It’s clear the club want to pay him what he deserves and want to build around him but not everyone is happy with the circumstances.

After all, whoever is the next manager may not use Bruno in the same way or may not feel he is the key player past managers have deemed him to be.

It’s entirely possible a new manager comes in and the player doesn’t perform as good and he’s then tied to a long-term deal on high wages but not being used as much.

It’s a low possibility but stranger things have happened so the hope is it has no effect on future plans.

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