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Mary Earps and David de Gea talk ahead of WSL game at Old Trafford

by Zoe Hodges

The goalkeepers union really is a sacred thing at Manchester United. Ahead of the women’s game at Old Trafford on Sunday, Mary Earps and David de Gea got together at the Theatre of Dreams to solidify the bond.

In a video shared on United’s website and social media channels, to promote United women’s game against Everton on Sunday, the pair begin by talking about their friendship so far.

“David’s been great since I came to the club,” Earps begins. “He’s messaged me a few times. It’s been really great to see how he supports the women’s game.”

The Spanish international adds, “We message to send each other good luck or after a clean sheet.”

He laughs as he says, “She’s making more than me, so she’s winning!”

De Gea goes on to talk about their role within the team, “We do different things to everybody else on the pitch, we train separate to the rest of the team. I think it’s a very special position in the game.”

Earps adds, “We work really hard every single day on such small things, and then when it happens in a game, that can really help the team and that brings me the most joy.”

The pair agreed on the most important assets a goalkeeper should possess, “For keepers we have to be very strong in the mind, of course in the body as well,” De Gea says, “But the mind is the important thing for me; you have to be very strong and very focused all the time.”

Together they watched back some of Earps’ best saves of the season so far as de Gea commented, “I watched this game live.”

Since Earps arrived at the club in 2019 she has praised de Gea for both his skills on the pitch and his support off it and it was nice to see the pair come together on screen.

Next the pair would like to arrange a training session together but have said their plans have previously been hampered by Covid rules.

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