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Gary Neville calls out Manchester United’s Glazers in glorious rant

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United legend Gary Neville has called on the Glazers to do four or five things to resolve the issues at the club.

The former defender essentially asked for things fans have long been calling for and there’s no doubt most would agree with what he’s said.

According to the Daily Mail, Neville said: “In terms of the Glazer family, post the Super League they said they were going to communicate with the club, they said they were going to change things.

“They’ve not changed anything at this football club. My view is there’s a problem right at the very top, there is a massive problem.

“I think they’ve had 10 years to prove they can be good football operators at Manchester United, beyond Alex Ferguson and David Gill.

“They’ve proven they can’t do it, they’ve proven they can’t build a successful football club here in Manchester without being propped up by the team Sir Alex Ferguson had and himself being there.

“To me, at this moment in time, the first thing that should happen is they should sell the club.

“Because of the Super League, because of their 10 years of failure without Sir Alex Ferguson, and the team and the squad he had, I think they should go.

“But if they really want to stay, because you can never force the Glazer family to sell, then they’ve got to do four or five things.”

Neville’s suggestions are certainly optimistic and it’s unlikely what he called for will ever really happen under the Glazers.

What fans would at least want is for there to be some form of structure at the club to give the players and manager the best chance of success.

The ever increasing debt probably hurts supporters more than anything else that’s wrong with the club but the Glazers have made it clear they have no plans to ever do anything about it.

Neville asked the controversial owners to stop taking dividends but it would be a surprise if there’s a sudden change in policy now.

The reconstruction of Old Trafford or even rebuilding of it has reportedly been in discussions but again, it wouldn’t be a surprise if the cheapest option is the one the Glazers go for.

It’s true the owners need to do a lot to fix the club but there has been a history of doing the bare minimum and that is unlikely to change until they’re gone.

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