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Ralf Rangnick: Manchester United interim manager has a shocking 43% win rate

by Raj Dholakia

Manchester United interim manager Ralf Rangick has not had the impact many were hoping for.

In his first 21 games in charge, United has managed to win only nine, making it a 42.86% win rate.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was sacked after winning just seven of his last 17 games with a win rate of 41.18%.

Under Rangnick, United have been knocked out of the FA Cup and Champions League and now find themselves in a difficult position to secure a top-four spot in the Premier League.

Yesterday’s game against Leicester City once again highlighted United’s lack of cohesion, with most players not playing up to their regular level.

Should Rangnick be culpable for the position we find ourselves in? Well, not entirely.

We must not forget the state of the club when Solskjaer got sacked.

United had just suffered two humiliating losses to Liverpool(0-5) and Manchester City(0-2) at Old Trafford.

The tactics were non-existent, and many players had mentally checked out.

A change was desperately needed.

If you look at Rangnick’s credentials, most of them have come as a Sporting Director.

His time at Red Bull is what made him so appealing to United.

After knowing all of that, the club decided to appoint him as an interim manager, rather than going hard for an immediate permanent manager.

Rangnick in his short time has tried his best to implement a certain philosophy, but some of these players have once again proven to be uncoachable.

Yes, he has made a few questionable decisions, but for the most part, cannot be blamed for the mess United find themselves in.

The managerial situation is still up in the air, and no one except The Board know what is going on at the club.

United have to win almost every game from now on if they are to have any chance of securing Champions League qualification.




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