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Louis Saha tells Manchester United players to be more humble

Former Reds player gives warning to players ahead of new signings

by Paul Speller

Former Manchester United striker Louis Saha has spoken out about his concerns that the club’s players may not be humble enough.

In an interview with The Athletic, Saha tells of the importance of understanding the magnitude of the club they are playing for, whether that be new or existing players.

“I think the first thing to do to really rebuild is to make sure that whoever is playing with United understands that they need to be humble,” he says.

“They need to recognise that whatever titles (they have won) or however many games they have played before, the goals they have scored, they should be understanding that nobody is guaranteed any places.

“From that humility, you build the really strong understanding about the core value that you want to spread in the game.”

The ex United striker goes on to explain how important the philosophy of the Old Trafford side really is, drawing on his time playing under Sir Alex Ferguson.

“The style needs to be understood by everyone. There is no half a second where you have to think to play left or play right. (You) know we play for the team.

“Players need to have a good understanding, whatever they’ve been paid, or if the transfer fee is £100 million, they are still not bigger than the club.”

The Frenchman, who scored 28 goals in 86 appearances for United, appears to suggest that players need to buy into the club, its history and the importance of playing at the Theatre of Dreams.

With the understanding of this, coupled with a questionable attitude on and off the pitch of some recent signings being bought into question, the 43 year old United ambassadors’ opinion is one that seems to have been forgotten in recent years at the 13 times Premier League champions.

A certain level of these attributes is everything United have driven into players from youth level to superstar signings for decades, and the former United, Fulham and Spurs goalscorer certainly thinks that new boss Erik ten Hag needs to instill this back into the squad.

And with the Dutchman only just beginning his reign and looking toward bringing in some big new names, Saha’s words will definitely ring true with many fans of the Red Devils.


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