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Manchester United Supporters Trust (MUST) clears up position on planned walkout

Anti Glazer group The 1958 are planning protests Monday at Old Trafford

by Dan Fitzgerald

Confusion reigns in the Manchester United Supporters Trust (MUST) as to their support for the proposed walkout during the Liverpool game at Old Trafford on Monday.

Anti-Glazer supporters group ‘The 1958’ are the group behind the latest wave of protests against the United owners.

In a recent report by inews, an independent supporter liaison officer of MUST, Ian Stirling, said: “We are not behind Monday’s planned walkout.”

He goes on to say: “Even if 10,000 fans leave Old Trafford, which I don’t think they will, it still won’t look empty.”

“They (1958) are asking for fans without tickets to turn up and protest.”

“My guess is what they are organising is arranged by people who have never been to Old Trafford.”

Strong words indeed and would be fairly easy to see which side MUST have put their flag, if these words are to be believed.

However, this is where the confusion lies, as MUST have since tweeted: “This article is nonsense. MUST is promoting the 1958 organised protest on Monday to our members.”

“Where we are sceptical is how effective a walkout will be and the @The_1958 have expressed similar scepticism about that too.”

This then shows that MUST are in fact behind the walkout, and not only that, they are actively promoting this protest among their members.

MUST also tweeted:  “Probably just the journalist not understanding the difference between #EmptyOldTrafford and @The_1958 – everyone is aligned on wanting a better solution for United.”

United fans need to get behind these protests to put the pressure on the Glazers, so it’s good to see MUST clear up the confusion and are actively supporting The 1958’s protest.

These protests must be peaceful but have to be vociferous and supported by everyone in order to get the message home that United fans want the Glazers out of the club.

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