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Stormzy finds himself pitchside to add to the Cristiano Ronaldo commentary

by Zoe Hodges

Rapper and Manchester United supporter Stormzy threw in his opinion on the Ronaldo situation as he did a spontaneous interview with Sky Sports for Monday Night Football.

Stormzy and his three nephews were all in attendance at Old Trafford to watch the Reds beat Liverpool 2-1.

After the match, the four of them found themselves on the pitch as surprise guests on Sky Sports Monday Night Football.

“I’m a bit flustered right now,” he said. “We were just walking past, we were star struck and then someone gave me a mic and now I’m here! Mum I made it,” he joked.

Speaking of the game the rapper said, “That was amazing, the best we’ve been all season, the best we’ve been in a long time.”

Slightly nervous about being put on the spot he added, “but what was you saying before I got here?” Before turning to Roy Keane for his opinion.

When pressed on whether he thought that was Ronaldo’s last appearance at Old Trafford he said, “Nah, I feel like when you’re that great, you can’t speak on him, man. You’ve just got to let the man be great.”

“There’s been a bit of a fuss but that’s a GOAT. You’ve got to let the GOATs be the GOATs.”

Keane grinned as he said, “Good answer!”

His young nephews then all confirmed who their favourite players were, with two opting for Ronaldo whilst the other went for Sancho.

It was a lighthearted end to a famous match that will go down as a big moment for United as they hope to have reached a turning point.

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