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Manchester United edit anti-Glazers chants out of Casemiro presentation video – report

by Derick Kinoti

Manchester United media team edited a Casemiro Old Trafford presentation video, removing Glazers out chants.

The shocking discovery has had the opposite effect, instead making fans angrier, who now feel cheated.

In the original video, while Casemiro is being presented at the Theatre of Dreams there are clear and incredibly audible Glazers out chants.

In the edited video, the Glazers out chants have been removed, with cheers and applause the only audible sounds.

This altered video is what has been posted on the club’s official social media pages, including Twitter and Instagram.

In the first video, the quite clear and audible “We want Glazers out” chants, as in the second video have been left out.

This latest stunt by United represents another uncovered attempt by the club ownership to dilute fans’ efforts to air their dissatisfaction with the greedy Glazer family.

On top of this, there was also another video that emerged of Old Trafford security confiscating a Glazers out banner from the disabled section of the TRA.

The Red Devils supporters came out in large numbers to protest against the Glazers ahead of the side’s crunching tie against Liverpool.

Since they took over in 2005 through a leveraged buy-out agreement that fundamentally loaded the club with debt, the Glazers have never been popular.

This situation has only gotten worse as the years have gone by, culminating in a series of protests and boycotts being witnessed presently.

The Old Trafford faithful seem more determined than ever to show the club’s parasitic owners the door.

The Glazers are clearly getting desperate, as evidenced by their doctoring of the Casemiro unveiling video and other actions intended to cover up the severity of fan protests.

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